Best Online Entrepreneurship Programs in the World

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Schools, colleges and universities all across the world were the first ones to close when news of the virus spreading was confirmed.

Online learning demand has spiked up as both students and teachers prefer to study from the safety of their homes. The way this situation is developing, it seems as if in the near future it is not going to be possible to return to the way educational institutions used to function.

If you are an undergrad student and are looking for an online entrepreneurship program during this lockdown period, then we have got the list of ten of the best online entrepreneurship programs in the world for you.

But first, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of online learning, as this is a relatively new phenomenon for many students around the world.


  • Online learning is flexible.
  • It allows the students to learn at their pace.
  • Cheaper than regular programs.
  • Students who have full time jobs or families to support can benefit the most, as they do not have the pressure to keep up with a rigid routine.


  • Difficult to maintain a regular study schedule.
  • Drawback of not being able to benefit from the classroom environment, which reinforces a lot of concepts.
  • Requires the students to be highly motivated, as distractions are greater in online or distant learning.

Let’s now look at ten of the best online entrepreneurial programs that students can access right now.

1. Western Carolina University

Students can pursue BS in entrepreneurship through the online bachelors in science program offered by WCU. This program is very affordable compared to other online programs as its cost comes up to approximately $4500. Students can enroll on part time or full time basis, thus giving them the flexibility they are looking for in an online, distance learning program.

WCU allows students to get into a dual degree program where they can choose between

  • Entrepreneurship and marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and management

Students enrolled with WCU can also take part in internships and get course credit for eligible internships.

2. Columbia College

Students can pursue their Bachelors in Entrepreneurship, online through the Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship of Columbia College. Students get the opportunity to interact with business investors and the opportunity to take part in the annual pitch competition. The online entrepreneurship program is flexible and affordable. Its cost comes to around $7,500. Students get the flexibility to enroll in either full time or part time paths.

3. Brigham Young University

Students enrolled in the online bachelors of Science in business management program get to study foundational business courses with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. In addition to this the students can also opt to personalize their degree programs by choosing between different major subjects and electives. BYU offers flexibility to online students by choosing either full time or part time paths. The tuition cost is under $5000 for BYU making it a low cost online program.

4. American Public University

The business administration department of APU offers BBA in business and entrepreneurship. The online program allows students learn a diverse range of subjects to gain comprehensive understanding of business finance and entrepreneurship. APU offers the flexibility of choosing either full time or part time paths. The tuition fee is reasonable at just under $6500. In addition to all this, the books for under graduate students in APU are free.

5. Lamar University

Students can pursue bachelors of Science in entrepreneurship. The online program spans over four years with 120 credits, out of these 120 credits 48 are curriculum related and the remaining 72 credit hours are for electives. Therefore students can customize their degree program according to their wish and career path. The tuition cost comes just under $6500 and the students can choose between full time or part time paths.

6. Bemidji State University

Students at BSU can pursue online BS in entrepreneurship with courses focused on small businesses and tech management in start ups. Students can choose between finance and computer information systems as electives, which will serve to broaden their entrepreneurial understanding. The programs are 100% online at a cost just under $7500.

7. Touro University

The online bachelors’ degree in business administration is equivalent to an accelerated bachelors in entrepreneurship. The program offered at TU is different from other universities because it focuses on business theory, practice with particular emphasis on small and medium businesses. The degree program is 100% online. Students can enroll as either full or part time students. The academic year is spread out over 6 phases and therefore students can choose any date out of the 6 starting dates, adding to the flexibility offered at TU. The tuition fees is a bit on the high side at $9000.

8. Liberty University

Students pursuing BS in business administration and entrepreneurship at Liberty University can get a 100% online entrepreneurship program with an emphasis on franchising, e-commerce and small businesses. The course costs under $8500 and the university also offers discounts for emergency responders, in addition to this the course books at LU are free for online under grad students.

9. University of Minnesota – Crookston

At UMC, entrepreneurship is an essential area of study. The UMC BS in entrepreneurship is a completely online program that allows students the flexibility to study from their home, while being enrolled in the full time or part time programs. Students also get to benefit from internships offered by UMC. The cost is a bit on the higher side at $12,000.

10. Temple University

At Temple University students can pursue an accelerated Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship. Students belonging to the “Phi Beta Kappa” honor roll society can access scholarships, and can get access to a nationally recognized student networking organization.

The program is fully online and students have the flexibility of choosing full time or part time paths. Students can choose between nine electives for their BBA in entrepreneurship and innovation. The cost for Temple University is a bit on the high side compared to other universities in the list. It tops up at around $16,500.

These are 10 of the best online entrepreneurship programs in the world.

Remember, just because it’s an entrepreneurship program, that doesn’t mean that you have to become an entrepreneur right away. There are still a number of job opportunities out there if you’re not ready to start your own business.

And if entrepreneurship isn’t for you and you want to be more of a corporate leader, there’s the Online Master’s in Organizational Leadership program to take a look at.

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Best Online Entrepreneurial Programs

There are many online programs out there for people who want to study entrepreneurship. These are 10 of the Best Online Entrepreneurship Programs in the World from my research. They’re not in any particular ranking order, so be sure to see what’s best for you:

1. Western Carolina University
2. Columbia College
3. American Public University
4. Lamar University
5. Bemidji State University
6. Touro University
7. Liberty University
8. University of Minnesota – Crookston
9. Temple University
10. Brigham Young University

Pros and Cons of Online Learning

These are just a few of the Pros and Cons of learning online.

– Online learning is flexible
– Students learn at own pace
– Cheaper than regular programs
– Allows for good balance with family and full-time jobs

– Difficult to maintain a regular study schedule
– No classroom environment benefit
– Requires self-motivation because of more distractions